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 Capitan Torres Spanish Restaurant  

Main Courses

Pescado (Seafood)

Flathead  $27.00




Ocean Perch $29.50


Pollos (Poultry)

Pollo a la Gallega $29.90
Chicken casserole dish cooked in an authentic Galician
style with red wine, garlic, aromatic herbs & spices
and tomato salsa

Carne (Meat)

Filete de Ternera
Veal Steak

Terna con Champinones
Veal cooked with champignons, garlic, cream, white wine & paprika

                       Minonestes Cataluna $29.90                              Medallions of fillet steak cooked with onion, white wine & paprika

Tornedor Capitan Torres $29.90
Fillet steak cooked with grilled mushrooms, bacon & onion rings

Filete con Pimienta
Pepper Steak

Vegetarian Dishes

Tortilla de Championes $20.50 - Mushroom Omelette

Tortilla Espanola $20.50- Spanish Omelette

Vegetarian Paella $26.00 - A variety of fresh vegetables & rice      (for one)

Postre (Dessert)

Camembert Cheese $11.50

Strawberries - with Cream or Ice Cream $11.00

Creme Caramel $8.50

Lemon Gelato $9.20

Arroz con Leche $9.00

Mango Gelato $9.90

Crema Catalana $10.50

Cheesecake $11.00

Cocunete $8.00

Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake $8.70

El Cafe (Coffee)

Espresso $4.50

Cafe Cortado $4.50

Cappuccino $4.50

Cafe Con Leche $4.50

Spanish Coffee $12.50

Irish Coffee $12.50

Jamaican Coffee $12.50


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